Mellyloon FTP Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is FTP?
Answer: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Whether you know it or not, you most likely use FTP all the time to download files from the internet.

Question: How do I use it to download your DVDs?
Answer: Get a free FTP Client program such as "FileZilla". A download link is here: Download

Question: How do I download your DVDs?
Answer: Just order the DVDs you want using our online shopping cart. When you are finished placing your order, you can either leave us a notice in the "Comments" field that you want to download the DVDs or you can simply email us at and let us know. We will then email you back your login information so you can begin your download.

Question: Are there any shipping charges if I download the DVDs?
Answer: No, but you will see them initially when you place your order. We will remove the shipping charges before charging your credit card.

Question: What kind of file am I downloading and how do I play it?
Answer: You are downloading the actual DVD files. You can choose to open and play them using any DVD player that supports playing files, such as VLC, or you can burn them to a blank DVD and play them on your computer or TV.

Question: Do I need a highspeed connection.
Answer: Yes. Most of the files are 4 GB or larger.

Question: Do I still get my free balloons like I do when I get the DVDs in the mail.
Answer: Not until scientists figure our a way to do "Matter Transport" like they do in Star Trek :)

Question: What DVDs can I download?
Answer: Any video that is offered on DVD you can download.