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"Heather and Joey's Balloon Joy"

Cute little Joey decides to surprise her "friend", Heather, by blowing up a room full of balloons for her to play with. Like going to a horror movie, the girls enjoy being scared by the loud bangs the balloons make when they pop. As the blowing and popping action begins to heat up, the clothes begin to come off. Heather and Joey both enjoy having the balloons rubbed over the naked bodies. Heather especially likes it when Joey is on the bottom and she is on the top with a balloon between the two of them and popping it. Of course, the best pops are always rewarded with a nice hot, erotic kiss. One such scene has Joey encouraging Heather to blow up a orange Qualatex balloon with fireworks until it pops. All the time while holding a green airship between her legs. After the pop, Joey goes over to Heather, claws a balloon she is holding, and just locks lips with her. After each kiss, the girls calm back down and get back to the business of attacking and popping all those balloons. Both the girls get into the popping, but Joey has a special affinity for digging her nails into the balloons and clawing at them to make them pop, and she goes on to convince Heather this is another great way to pop the balloons. Mixed in is some great blow to pop, sitting, and hugging balloons until they pop as well.. more info

59 min: $30.00 (DVD)

"Ariel's Balloon Assault"

Ariel is simply too cute to put into words. How can someone so sweet and innocent looking be such a terror on our beautiful balloons? Underneathe that sweet, pretty exterior though is a balloon's worst nightmare. Her gorgeous lips blow up a lot of balloons until they pop, and after each explosion, Ariel lets out a tine and cute "aah". She even comments on how loud the balloons are when they pop. The loudness just seems to drive her more. As if watching this innocent and kind looking woman enjoying blowing up balloons until they explode wasn't enough torture, what she does with her lovely hands and adorable butt will make you cry. The more balloons she pops, the more it has a not-so innocent effect on her. Daddy's little girl grows up really fast. It doesn't take long for the clothes disappear and a more erotic side of Ariel emerges. After a lot more blowing to pop, crushing with her hands and sitting with her butt, the video comes to a climatic end that leaves both the viewer and Ariel breathing very heavily. more info

72 min: $25.00 (DVD)

"Sarah's Bursting Seduction"

Returning home from school to study, Sarah tries her best to concentrate, but the balloons constantly taunt her to drop her books and play. Sarah can no longer resist. She drops the books and begins her attack. She tries to teach the balloons a lesson by overinflating one of them until it explodes in the hope that it will make the other balloons behave. Sarah takes the next step and removes her dress to expose her beautiful breasts. This seems to calm the balloons more, but alas it is just a tease. With her clothes removed, Sarah feels naughty and begins her discipline. Letting her hair down she puts a balloon to her lips and slowly tortures it until one more hot blow of air makes it explode. After a quick break, Sarah begins to tease the balloons again with her gorgeous body by rubbing the balloons all over her. Sarah's highheels become deadly weapons, her lips and cheeks cause devastation. Her nails become razors and her butt a crushing device. When it is all done, the only thing left for Sarah to do is cover her body with the broken shards.. more info

62 min: $25.00 (DVD)

"Claire's Balloon Carnage"

Claire needs to unwind, and what better way is there than a room full of balloons to do the trick. She begins by blowing up a red 16" Unique. It is so relaxing that she doesn't stop until it explodes into tiny pieces. Starting to feel a bit warm, it is time to strip down to her bra and panties just before reaching for the notorious weapon, the pin. Througout the video, Claire teases and taunts the balloons with the needle before jabbing it into their thin, fragile skin. She especially loves placing the needle between her lips and having the balloons float down from the ceiling and exploding in mid-air when they fall upon it. A lot more balloons get hugged to death, sat upon and blown up until they pop while Claire gets naked to fully enjoy the experience.
more info

63 min: $25.00 (DVD)

"CJ's Blow to Pop Craving"

CJ's has a bubbly personality and one of the lings she loves to do for fun is to blow up balloons until they pop. She does plenty of that in this video. She has some impressive cheeks, really puffing them out as she forces air into her balloons. She also manages to get some terrific necks on the balloons as you can see in the pictures below. CJ incorporates other forms of popping including stomping and wielding a deadly pin. Did I mention she also has a cute little body on her? more info

64 min: $25.00 (DVD)

"Tawny's Balloon Tease"

Tawny is one tough gal. She comes in at 5'11" and kicks some serious balloon butt. Balloons are a turn on for her, and nothing gets her going more than to dig her fingers into them, come down hard on them with her heels, pushing one more blow of air into them with her cheek, or any other way she can can balloons to pop, burst and explode. Her enthusiams definitely shows and the pops only excite her more.. more info

59 min: $25.00 (DVD)

"Ann and Crystal's Balloon Funhouse"

Ann and Crystal make a great popping team. Crystal equiped with high heels and sharp claws and Ann with her powerful lungs, no balloon stands a chance. There are a lot of great balloons in this video including a some nice airships. In addition, the age-old question, "how big do those South American balloons get" is answered. Crystal loves to get funky with the airships and Ann loves to bounce on the balloons naked. One of my favorite scenes in the video is when each girl gras a pump, and for five miutes, each races to see who can get the most balloons to overinflate and pop. . more info

60 min: $30.00 (DVD)

"Lena's Popping Lust"

Lena loves pretty bunches of balloons. There is no balloon size and popping method that she is scared of. Balloons are simply a lot of fun. In addition, certain popping methods, especially blow to pop and squeezing with her hands, really heats her up. In one scene you can actually hear Lena moan into a a Qualatex spray as she is blowing it up until it explodes. She also enjoys rolling on the balloons and rubbing them on her naked body. Lena also sports a fantastic set of ruby-red high-heels that are put to good use in the video. more info

66 min: $25.00 (DVD)

"The Balloon Interrorgator"

Lena wants information from her balloon suspects, and when they don't start to spill their beans, she turns up the heat. Like a scene from the Cold War, Lena starts torturing the balloons in an attempt to make them give up what they know. The more the balloons resist, the more evil Lena becomes as the years of her naked balloon interrorgation training begins to take its toll on her balloon prisoners. It doesn't take a CIA spy to guess if Lena gets the information she wants. In the end, she adequately punishes the balloons for her crimes. This video contains graphic footage of balloons being blown up until they explode, popping from squeezing, crushing stomping and sharp, deadly instruments.. more info

63 min: $25.00 (DVD)

"More Than Balloon Friends"

In a room filled with beautiful, tightly inflated balloons, Summer starts out the popping with her dangerous nails. It is not long before Fallon joins the fun. In a great overinflation scene the girls untie two clear 16" Uniques and race to see who can blow up their balloon until it explodes. With all the great popping, things heat up quickly and the clothes begin to come off. Once naked, the balloon play leads to other forms of play, including great kissing, touching, stroking and balloon body massages. The girls even wrap each other up in a giant worker while doing some sensual kissing. There is even an overinflation race of two giant asians..more info

58 min: $30.00 (DVD)

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