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"Beverly's Behemoth Balloons"
Beverly has given herself the task of blowing up a room of large balloons to their fullest and resist the urge to pop them until the room is full. Each balloon has to be inflated to its max. She sometimes blows the balloon up. lets the air out, and then reinflate it hoping to stretch it even further. Beverly is an incredible popper and it takes all her will power to resist the urge of cause some big booms. Of course, since the balloons are pushed to the max, some go off like booms on their own, just adding to Beverly's excitement. The room gets full of 16"s, 24"s, 36"s, big airships and Tilly Workers. Finally all the hard work, sexy talk and will power pay off and Beverly has a room full of incredibly tight huge balloons. Now it is time to pop them. Beverly used removable clips to keep the air in the balloons and that means she can easily put the balloons to her lips and blow them up more and make them explode. Be sure to click on the film reel below for some sample clips from the video.


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$40.00 (DVD)  95 minutes
Extras include 268 pictures for your TV /PC on, 32 chapters, and previews.
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